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How To Create Recession Resistant Cash Flow With Passive Self-Storage Investing



What does Self Storage offer
to an investor?

Americans love their stuff. But younger Americans REALLY love their stuff!

Self-Storage Unsophisticated & Undermanaged

Self-storage is a fractionalized industry that creates a very real opportunity for investors. The highly fragmented marketplace lacks a sophisticated operations platform and dynamic revenue management. Property values are eroded by below-market rents, bloated expense loads, and poor customer experiences.


of Facilities are Owned by Small,
Unsophisticated Operators

StorageUnits is built to take advantage of this industry fractionalization through a stronger brand defined by

Onsite Management Teams

Onsite Management Teams

Electronic Gate Access

Electronic Gate Access

Digital Security Surveillance Monitoring

Digital Security Surveillance Monitoring

Well-lit Corridors

Well-lit Corridors

Lack of Institutional Competition Drives Opportunity

Institutional buyers are primarily focused on large portfolio acquisitions and ground-up development. Many are not configured to grow a portfolio of operating facilities organically, potentially providing an opportunity for private investors.

A Vertical Story

Unlike many general contractors, the combination of Storage Units and Rapid Building Solutions has expertise across all phases of development, construction, and operations. The company can provide all the necessary services under one roof. This allows the self-storage experts at StorageUnits to reduce unnecessary expenses and avoid unforeseen delays that typically occur when dealing with several consultants at once.

Why Invest In Self-Storage?

Why Invest In Self-Storage?

passive investment

Passive Income

Earn income without active management

profit potential


Resistant To Recession and can be more profitable than other asset classes.


Stable Cash Flow

One of the most profitable real estate asset classes with consistent, predictable returns

income potential

Capital Appr'n

Historically, the number of self-storage business renters has increased.


Defensive Industry

Resistant To Recession compared to other asset classes.

Capital Structure


Relatively stable and Low correlation compared to other asset classes.


Storage Units Equity Income Fund, LLC is managed and advised by Storage Units Capital Management II Corporation (“SUCMIIC”) and its affiliates, which intend to invest in affiliated entities which acquire, develop, redevelop, or repurpose other real property into self-storage facilities ranging from $5 million to twenty million dollars. The fund allows our investors to spread risk over a diversified portfolio of Self-Storage facilities while providing the opportunity to earn regular income. Our focus is on mitigating risk.

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